Due to the recent trend in the selling of enterprises, the quantity of large liquid asset holdings has increased considerably during the last few years. Many individuals create their own asset management organizations in which they seek the advice of bankers, money managers (or a combination of both) or make their own independent investment decisions.

As a result, these newly formed companies require the assistance and support of a considerable and well-trained staff to achieve their investment objectives.

We at LOHR + COMPANY GmbH, provide the assistance and support in establishing asset management reporting systems by offering the choice of computer hardware and software suitable for the individual needs of the assets involved as well as for the selection of a suitable stock exchange information system. Upon request, we also provide assistance in the recruitment of appropriate staff.

Once the establishment and formulation of asset management has been successfully put into place, it must be ensured that the investment objectives are achieved. Accordingly, it is necessary to conduct business management reviews and audits, a service of which we here at LOHR + COMPANY GmbH are particularly proud.