Along side our structuring of accounts; we conduct business appraisals as the case may be for either potential buyers or sellers of companies.

Financial Due Diligence provides comprehensive financial analysis of companies. The following areas are routinely examined:

  • Analysis and concise budgetary accounting
  • Analysis of accounting system
  • Evaluation of year end reports

In individual cases, a review and analysis of the markets of a target company, its competitors as well as anticipated developments are performed. The results of the examination will be reported in a comprehensive report along with an executive summary. Our report will also contain beneficial contract recommendations.

Within the scope of Legal Due Diligence, the target company will be thoroughly examined for existing or foreseeable legal issues. The main objective of the review is to compile additional information above and beyond the existing, public reporting requirements.

The scope of the investigation directs itself toward examination of the target company’s business relationships. The investigation involves a thorough check of all supporting and relevant documents supplied to us at our request by the target company.

As a result of our findings, legal issues that we identify will be addressed and written into contracts in such a way as to mitigate their effect.

Working in conjunction with Legal Due Diligence, we offer Tax Due Diligence, where the target company is examined for tax risks.